Thursday, December 30, 2010


It wasn’t until today that I actually reflected back on all that has happened in 2010. I mean I’ve had so many crazy life changes and I wish I could look back at my 2009 self and yell “Brace yourself, little lady”

1. A year ago I felt trapped. I was 23 and literally felt that at such a young age I was in a dead end job, and I felt stuck. I was tangled and didn’t know how to get out. I had a boss who was more than willing to be inappropriate towards every female in my office. So what did I do? First, I began to blog. I blogged because I felt I was missing my creative outlet and so many of you and your blogs inspired me!

2. Then what would be the most sensible thing to do? I quit my job. Without a backup plan or any idea how I would make money. I decided I needed to be true to myself and leave a bad company.

3. I took online interior decorating seminars and enrolled in courses to become a Realtor. I love both decorating and house hunting so it was a perfect combination.

4. I traveled to Mississippi and New Orleans for the first time. I also met a great-uncle and great-aunt for the first time, they were my lovely hosts. I learned how deep Southern Hospitality runs with these two.

5. I celebrated three years together with Handsome and continued to learn that it really does get sweeter with time!

6. I was invited to be a guest at the Nate Berkus show and went to NYC for the first time, a city I’d been dying to visit. It’s even better in person.

7. While in NYC I made great blogging friends and won a magazine contest with two wonderful blogging friends. We decorated a bar cart and are going to be featured in The Nest!

8. I started a job for a dream company and am so happy career wise. I have truly done a 360 from where I was last year at this time and feel that God has blessed me so immensely.

So where will 2011 take me? Only the Lord knows but I can’t wait to find out. I hope you’ll continue to read my fun and sometimes eccentric blog. I promise one thing, I’ll keep it entertaining.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderfully eventful year! I hope you continue to have happiness in 2011 :)


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