Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sometimes when we meet someone we think they’re incredible. They’re a wonderful person, and then we meet their significant other. They may be a new relationship, or possibly they are someone we just have yet to meet.


Handsome’s oldest brother started dating his wonderful and lovely girlfriend L a couple years ago. From the start is was incredible how well she fit in with their family. It was truly a match made in the Heavens to see her interact with everyone. It was great because M got more than a girlfriend, I also was lucky enough to receive a great friend out of their relationship.

I am so pleased to announce that this wonderful and perfectly matched couple became engaged this weekend. I have no doubt that their life together will be one full of love and happiness. It’s such a wonderful blessing and privilege to see two people so happy together, especially to witness the relationship from its infancy and watch it grow to its deep love and engagement.

Congratulations you two!


Many blessing and love to the love birds!

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