Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Young Wrapper

I  need to be honest, there is a holiday issue that I am a bit on the superficial side. In fact presentation is key and if you’re not immaculately polished in this area, I’m disappointed in you. It doesn’t matter if I know you, I’m still ashamed if you don’t take time to do this with care.

What the heck am I talking about? Gift Wrapping


[Martha Stewart]

It started as a young child, I was probably around the age of 4. It was one of my first times as a design apprentice. I realized my Dad was the provider for our family and he gave me so many nice things like Barbies and Teddy Ruxpin. I wanted to give back to this man, my father. I didn’t have many things that he found to be particularly interesting but there was one thing that came to our house every day, and he loved it: the newspaper. I decided if I were to give him one of our old newspapers and wrap it in newspaper, like I’d seen resourceful women do, this would be the themed present of all presents. This my friends would be icing on the cake.


He smiled in a “Oh, that’s cute, Kate”, patronizing nod. I couldn’t tie my shoes but I knew he was faking it. We went to my Nana and Papa’s later that night the paper was brought up but nobody acted like I’d invented Nintendo, the way I’d have appreciated.

I mean I have a blog, this obviously means I like positive reinforcement in the shape of feedback. Hint, Hint. 

What was learned of this aside from the fact that Old news does not a good gift make? I learned if I’d have packaged it nicer what was on the inside would have only served as an afterthought.

I was that smart at four. I became fascinated by department store gift wrapping selections and wanted to learn to be that good. I may have thought it would be a fun job to gift wrap at Marshall Field’s full time. I happily volunteered to wrap all future extended family member gifts and created a self induced sweat shop that child labor laws would frown upon.

I joined a sorority and learned the art of arts and crafts and how to master a themed gift basket.

So let me show you what art really is, and no I am not crazy.


[Style Me Pretty]


P.S. Scotch apparently has a gift wrapping competition. Winner get’s a trip to the Empire State. Not too shabby.


  1. Those photos are gorgeous! I love beautifully wrapped packages as well! Merry Christmas, girl!

  2. Love the "I joined a sorority and learned the art of arts and crafts and how to master a themed gift basket" lol although some girls join and still fail.. IE my little sister I had to help her do anything and everything.

  3. P.S. I think you should help me design my master bedroom..

  4. I, too, am a sucker for a beautifully wrapped gift. That's one of my favorite things after shopping for everyone is actually wrapping and accessorizing the package!


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