Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things are much brighter downtown.

Today I did it, friends.

I made the move downtown. I can’t begin to describe how anxious I was today to get everything situated.

When we arrived the room looked something like this


I had my work cut out for me. Good thing I’ve been shopping and planning for this for ages. Within hours the transformation was complete. Of course more items will be added with time, but before living in a space it can be hard to decide what you need.



006010Oh and the view? That’s not too bad either. Lake Michigan can be seen from my bay window during the day.


Tonight my new roommate and I will hit the town. I can’t wait to share details with you. I’ll also have to show you pictures of our living space. My roommate is an impeccable designer by hobby, like yours truly. Our place would make Carrie Bradshaw take notes. Until next time hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. congrats on your new place, it sounds great !

  2. loving it, rags, so proud! we've come far from cicadas and wabe for sure

  3. loving your new downtown digs! PS where have you been all my life?? ;) xoxo


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