Monday, January 10, 2011

Where for Art Thou Green Grass?

Hello all, Design Apprentice here! I have a confession.

On Sunday mornings I love when I can talk Bob or my Mom into driving around my favorite town to look at real estate. Especially those beauties for sale.

This might sound like a sweet traditional, but it’s a sickness stemming from a line line of home addicts that go before me. Honestly, it’s in the design apprentice lineage.

My mother and her siblings have kept real estate magazine laying around in lieu of the Sunday paper. This in spite the fact that my uncle is the editor for that very newspaper. We stop and grab pamphlets, or leave HGTV on while bustling around the home, just so when we stop we can take in a couple moments of freedom.

So my question, and it is a big one. Would you prefer a large home in a suburb community, be it a small yard; or would you rather a home on boundless amounts of land, even if that home was to be of a less grand size?

Dying to know your answers!



  1. i think i'd rather live in the burbs so i'd be closer to things... i have friends who live in the "country" and it's a pain to drive to town to get things you randomly need. whereas i can have a 5 minute commute! plus... i HATE yard work :)

  2. Both have advantages, it's just personal preference, but the privacy of land is certainly appealing. Great post!

  3. I think both options are great in their own way but that photo of the magical little hut with the trees and that tranquility and quietness, ah I could go for that, girlfriend :)


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