Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good News Bad News

Yesterday’s Blog post? Yeah Epic Fail. Those pictures I’m sure entranced you. I mean, I love to stare at a blank background more than the next person so you can just thank this Design Apprentice. I may be pretty computer literate, but this one stumped me!

I have some good news and bad news for you readers. I wish I could ask which you’d like first? I’ll go with the bad news first, I’ll get it over with.

The article we were told we’d be featured in for winning the bar cart challenge ended up  hitting the cutting room floor. I was so blessed to meet such wonderful friends in Sara Kate and Harold. In my minds eye their talent will have only more recognition with time. 

So on to the good news?

I received an email from The Nest to tell me I would be featured in a section offering tips to better organize the home.


If you can see number 8, that’s little ol’ me! I may not have had my picture in the big lights, but my advice rings true. Ladies stuff those pillow cases with your sheets to clear space and avoid the horrible missing bedding to your ensemble. I’m not sure if you can tell but I did white out my last name here, because I didn’t want that splashed all over the interweb!

What are your must spill home organizing tactics? Lord knows, when tackling a home tactics and a play by play is necessary for success.


  1. So cool that you were featured in The Nest...Yay!

    Little Maximus is finally here! Well, actually he came 2 days prior to his due date. I posted a pic on my blog...more to continue later, as soon as I get more sleep and find some extra hours in the day. LOL...


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