Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Good Company

I failed to take photos of this weekend but that doesn’t mean I can’t share the deets with you lovely readers!

On Friday night handsome took me to see Second City. It was his Valentine’s Day gift to me and I loved it. Second City is one of the most well known comedy clubs out there. The likes of Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Steven Colbert, and Chris Farley. Needless to say we pretty much laughed for two hours straight and enjoyed it!

Afterwards we headed out for a late night dinner and got to experience this year’s Restaurant Week in Chicago. I absolutely love the fixed menus from some of top local eateries. We ate at Perennial and the food was just as beautiful as the decor.

Trees indoor? Honestly one of my favorite design elements possible. And the billowing curtains from ahead paired with teal throughout, I die.

We spent Saturday heading to brunch with Handsome’s brother and his fiance, which was absolutely perfection. I could have sat in that cafe for hours with this particular crew enjoying the conversation and each other.

After we perused some of the local neighborhoods in the city a mid a soft snow fall. We then headed out for shopping and both came back bags full. I went a little crazy in the lovely Sephora and Victoria’s Secret. I also snagged a birthday dress in my favorite color, if you don’t know what that is I can’t even dignify that with a proper response.

Tired from shopping we headed back to my apartment and settled in for much needed cat nap. It was so relaxing, I felt like I was experiencing a staycation. Once we woke up we met up with Handsome’s friends in the city and had a nice quiet evening in some of the local establishments.

This morning we woke up and decided to grab lunch at Grand Lux, I hadn’t been there in years and the food and location are parallel to none. 

I hope your weekend was equally filled with great company and great food.


  1. What a great weekend! We went to perennial for restaurant week too! We were there Thursday and had an amazing expierence. Did you have the Heath bar for dessert? I'm still dreaming about it!

  2. Tess, I wish I had! We did the prixe fixed restaurant menu. I head the pistachio hazelnut dessert and my boyfriend had the cheesecake dessert. I heard their snicker bar deconstructed is amazing too. I suppose this just means I'll have to make another visit there soon, I don't know about you. :)

  3. That restaurant is beautiful! Hope your weeeked was fab!


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