Monday, March 28, 2011

Halfsie Room


Ladies, I’m getting ready to move out of my place in the next couple months and into my very own place in this big city. To say Im nervous and anxious would be an understatement, I am petrified. But one thing always happens to bring me back down, an innocent plant, and it’s always awesome to do this with decorating. I am an obsesser, I’ll admit it with pride, the only problem is when I don’t do something with this.


So I have made a somewhat attempt on a room draft for a family room. ie, I know I want these couches? That rug? Def not going to happen unless I need to roll up a Christmas tree and discard it… in April. And there will be throw pillows etc. I’ll make it happen, in the mean time get excited for this:


Alrightie so that’s what I probably shouldn't have shown you but it gives me peace of mind that I can make a plan, and when the finished product is done it’ll be ridiculous, basically.. get excited. 

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