Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I heart Sephora

Sephora and I have a relationship uncommon amongst friends. I go into her little shop and come out a happier and more confident woman. every time. Yesterday I was dying for something for blackheads and just not having my 850 other solutions strewn about my bedroom.

This issue needed the help of a professional, their top skincare manager. He was so sweet and introduced me to an amazing product that literally made my nose look like I’d come from a luxury spa the day before and left with skin I hadn’t recognized in ages.

The product you may be curious about?

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner:


The skin specialist said if you can manage, to actually apply this masque one time and after removing it to do it again to really get rid of any black heads it loosened. Well this obedient Design Apprentice followed his advice and was so so glad she did.

If you’ve had any problematic areas in the clogged black head department, run don’t walk to Sephora and stash this product, your mug will thank me later for it.

He did want to remind me it won’t eliminate every single black head but it reduces them greatly enough that I had to take to this little blog and spread the word to you lovelies.

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