Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rooms that influence Events

When it comes to my vision of a some day perfect wedding it really can be explained through decor, and today that is exactly what I intend to do for you!

image [DecorPad]

Holy Mother of Decor, branches! pink! light gray! light green! brown! rustic! shabby chic!

And now that I am banning myself from exclamation marks lets look at some more gems.

image[Decor Pad]

Those flowers are so romantic. That nickel platter and those velvet ottomans are the perfect balance between warm and cold elements.


image[Decor Pad

How about the mirrors on the sunburst mirror and the night stands? Or that sweet chandelier, how whimsical.


So shabby chic, I could devour this room.

image [Martha Stewart]

I love the antique settee, the wide wood floor planks, that bronzed lantern with such detail, and of course the high back chair covered in sage linen.

Have you ever had a room define an event theme for you or even perhaps your wedding?

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