Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vacation time

Today I need a vacation. I am so over Chicago and everything right now. I’m having one of those woe is me days, and I don’t like it. I want to be giddy, excited, happy to be doing whatever the heck I want. I mean I live in one of the best cities in the world and the Design Apprentice is sulking with my girlfriend Polka Dot Riesling. That ain’t right.

I spoke to Handsome about this and he agreed a trip should be planned. But oh the destination possibilities? You see he needs to be at his company for a year before he gets vacation, meaning we will have to settle for a long holiday weekend ala Memorial Day.

Here are our contenders:

1.) Boston: I haven’t been there since I could walk and Bob has muy familia out there. This means we could visit with some of the lovelies in his extended broad and explore a city I’ve been dying to see.

2.) Nashville: This could be drivable (if we choose) and is my favorite city outside of Chicago in the U.S. Bold Statement, but uh-maz-ing. We would get some more alone time with this one and get to listen to tons of country music, our mutual love.

3.) Unknown Tropical Spot: For three nights I’m not sure how practical it is to go somewhere mega far away but this girl loves herself from Sunshine and swimming like you wouldn’t believe. Read: tanning and drinking.

Where would you escape for a 3 day mini trip?


  1. I think all of Chicago was a little down today. I felt like it was supposed to be warmer and the sun needed to come out - it was just kinda yucky.

    If I were you, I would go tropical. Take a 3.5 hour flight down to Mexico, stay at an all inclusive, and just totally relax!

  2. Go somewhere hot hot hot :) You will thank yourself when you get there!! And you never told me how the move went?! Did you finally move into the city, Miss Katie?! xo

  3. I've never been to Chicago, but always wanted to go. That is my next destination spot (hopefully!).

    I love Nashville. One of my favorite places to spend a day.

    You can't go wrong with anything tropical. Sun, sand, and water? Yes, please!


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