Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

Today I thought I would do my first ever What I’m loving Wednesday. Can you believe this is my first time taking parting in it? So. not. okay.

What I’m loving Wednesday is that I just signed up to join the Junior League Chicago chapter. I am so excited and hope to make many great new girl friends in this big ol’ city. I swear I felt like it was sorority recruitment, just 7 years later.


That would be this Design Apprentice throwing down the peace sign in the back right.

My sorority sister bestie before Formal Night at Recruitment


And on our first paddle making experience as little A Phi babies


I’m loving Spring. It’s in the air and restaurants are finally starting to put out their outdoor seating for all to enjoy. Sandals are in store windows and those more daring are going out without their coats already.


I’m loving that I am over a stomach flu that started on Friday and finally worked its course yesterday. It was a weekend ruiner and took me out of work for a day and a half.

I’m loving that Wednesday means the week is more than half way through.


  1. Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I am glad that stomach virus is saying good bye :)

  2. Aw sucks you had the stomach flu... but I'm glad you got better :)

  3. Love your blog! Just stumbled upon you through a series of other blogs! Looking forward to reading more!


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