Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Plans

This weekend I am heading home to suburbia and oh so excited because it means I am reunited with this precious little one.

I miss my Shelbalina so much since living in the city but it would be so unfair to leave her in my high rise while I work all day. She’s used to a big yard and being cage free, some day I’ll be able to bring her with me.

002I miss this little kitty too. I hope that I can take her with to my next apartment, because she’s too easy to take care  and I know little Milly would make a ferosh city girl.


Pets aside of course I am so excited to spend Easter at home celebrating His resurrection with mine and Handsome’s families. My family will be joining his family for a large celebration. I really can’t imagine a better Easter than one filled with family and faith.

I wouldn’t mind adding this to the equation either:

imageHummingbird Cake

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

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