Monday, April 4, 2011


Have you been on

I heard a girl in my building on the elevator talking to her girl friend about this site. She said it notifies her if she spends over her monthly budget and helps her stay responsible for money. I literally stopped these girls and asked what they were talking about. They told me it was an app for iphones called Mint. I was kind of bummed because I have a blackberry and thought alas there goes my budgeting opportunity.

Then while eating dinner with Handsome I mentioned how I need to start budgeting. He mentioned a website, I hadn’t even thought to Google and see if they were a website and sure enough it’s fantastic. I synced all my accounts and have even been able to make distant goals like saving up for a house. I even made a plan for short term goals, like paying off my credit card debt. At first I was nervous, but having everything managed and seeing my spending habits organized really is enlightening!

If you’ve wanted any help organizing your finances and making clear goals, I strongly recommend looking into

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  1. Thanks for this tip - I'm going to check out this website asap. I'm so old school and have a notebook of all of my expenditures, so I think it's time to jump on board with the 21st century!


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