Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Hot it Hurts

I used to think Nelly sang a song where the chorus rang out, “So hot in.. So hot it hurts.” Years after singing my own rendition my cousins heard me rapping er singing these lyrics last summer. They broke into hysterical laughter.

“Don’t you know the song is called “Hot in Here”, Dan said.

“Yeah, I had just always thought the ‘so hot it hurts’ part was later in the song,” I said in my defense.

“How could something be so hot it hurts?”, Dan continued in a chiding manner.

“Duh, haven’t you ever had a bad sunburn?”.

In my defense, that is so hot it hurts.

Last night was no different, you see my apartment is without A/C till June.  The window when open seems to be similar to a wind tunnel and doesn’t offer any relief. Today I finally promised myself I would cave and buy an ugly fan. I went to the neighborhood ACE Hardware store and bought their largest floor fan I could find.

Then I brought it home. I kid you not IKEA's Swedish instructions would have been more comprehendible than these. It took me an hour to put this bad boy together. This does not include the time used to find tweezers to use as an impromptu screw driver.

I digress, I am laying in bed with the oscillation of my very own fan, and Nelly can keep his song tonight.

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