Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tonight I went out to meet our future potential landlord for skinny girl margaritas [my agenda] and the Laker’s Game [her agenda] at one of the classier bars in the city.


She told me we would be coming from working out which brought this girl great relief because I was going unshowered to the bar post workout. Unfortunately, I was the only girl in the lovely establishment to not get the “must shower” memo and came with a jazzy bun sans makeup, lovely.

I felt like Richard Simmons about to walk the runway next to the Victoria’s Secret Angels, but we all need to learn humility every once in a while, eh?

Then it happened, someone pointed him out and I saw the golden prince. No not William, he’s obviously in England getting ready for his prenuptials, duh. I saw the Chicago Blackhawk’s Coach, Joel Quenneville.

I have been a die hard Blackhawks fan since the early age of 8. It’s sick really to go back and venture through my 90’s hockey era crushes with their winged hair and slick moves. I walked up to the coach and got a photo with him, I’d never been so happy to pose without makeup in my entire life.


My Dad has been good friends with some of the previous Blackhawks players from several seasons ago. so we discussed them. And then I thought of my recent lessons and thoughts about women needing to have advise in the work force, so I thought “To hell with it. I’m a couple skinny girl margaritas in, why not ask the coach for some sound advice?”

Joel Quenneville replied, Be enthusiastic at all times, be respectful, and always speak your mind.


I think we can all take something from the Stanley Cup winning coach and bring it to work with us on Friday.

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  1. omg this is an awesome post! I love that you were ballsy enough to chat him up! And, you look adorable even post workout! Great story.


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