Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Belles of St. Mary’s

This past weekend was beyond gorgeous. We went and saw Handsome’s sister Liz graduate from college at St. Mary’s Notre Dame. It was the most prestigious graduation ceremony I have ever seen and I was so happy to soak the whole weekend in.

We arrived on Friday night and started and cozied up for some family and skinny girl margarita time, it was so nice and special.


On Saturday we woke up to attend the universities brunch and it was amazing. We sat on the terrace and ate as all the ladies graduating finished up last minute touches and got on their way to take pictures together with their best friends of four years.

The ceremony was outside and so personalized. The key speaker was actually an alumni who had come back to offer the ladies advice on the importance of finding the silver lining and remaining true to yourself at all times.


Following the ceremony punch, lemonade, and sweets were served in a big white tent for all of those celebrating with the graduates.


After the ceremony we headed to one of Liz’s friend’s family members house on a lake and ate, ate, ate, and drank. It was so wonderful to get to know these ladies who we’d seen shape her life so much for the past four years.


[Handsome, The Design Apprentice, Lizzy, T]

 038[Lizzy’s adorable boyfriend Don and her]

Following the graduation celebration we went to one of Liz’s friends apartments and played college kids. Girl friend cannot play well. I tried my darndest and so did Handsome but we are not 22 anymore. We played and partook in college games but were the first to head back for the night, sads.

The next day we  headed home for dinner with my family and the lingering reminder that once college is over it’s good to keep it there.


  1. You my dear, look precious. So cool!! xo

  2. You two are absolutely adorable! Love the cardi/dress color combo too gorgeous!


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