Monday, July 18, 2011

Breast you can be.

I wanted to invite you into my weekend the weekend before last. We hosted a benefit for our 60 mile walk for breast cancer that will be occurring the weekend of August 6th.

I’ve discussed it before but the main reason we’re taking this athletic voyage is because five of my best girl friends our standing behind our friend, Pamela. Pamela’s mom passed away this Spring after a long and hard battle with breast cancer. She has been missed like a mother to each of us, but the beautiful thing is she didn’t lose her battle, she fought and is rejoicing and strong in Heaven.


[Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto decorated for Breast Cancer Support by Sarah Richardson]

I spoke about her passing in this post. The beautiful thing among our friends is none of us remember Pamela’s mom Carol as anything but a beautiful and radiant fighter.  I’ve told Pamela my favorite story about her Mom until the cows come home, but it struck me when it happened 7 years ago and it still makes me happy.


Pamela and I had a falling out with a previous friend and I came to Pamela’s house defeated because I had just decided to let go of the friendship completely. This bad friend had talked poorly of Pamela in the past and Carol knew this. While chowing on cookies and cream ice cream in her kitchen her mom looked at me matter of factly and declared,

“People say my God, my country. I say my daughter, my country. I don’t care if she’s wrong I will always take her side.”

Well we’re taking Carols side and in doing this we hosted a benefit and invited everyone we know. We raised quite a bit of money by having our benefit at a friend’s restaurant.


At the event we had a live date auction which ended up being quite the success and my inner matchmaker may have played a part in when I declared someone “sold”.


We also had a live auction with sports memorabilia and tickets which was a great success. On top of that we had a raffle and Bob’s youngest brother at 6, acted like he’d just won the lottery with an NHL plaque.


Bob was such a driving force throughout the entire benefit. He orchestrated so much of it and made me so thankful for him and his dedication to our cause.


I felt so blessed to have my Dad donate a Bears jersey and both my parents in attendance. He was busy running around but I couldn’t miss a photo opp with my Mom.


Afterwards we went out to celebrate our donations and our best friend Dana’s birthday which was the next day. Then I found a motorcycle, naturally. Of course I needed to have a photo shoot with this. Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity, mind you.


We are so blessed with out donations but we are still short of our goal of $13,800 by $1,984.00. I’d love to share my name with you if you’re willing to offer any donation you can. If you could email me your interest I will more than happy share this information to get us closer to our goal by instructing you on how to donate on the Susan G. Komen home page. We’re at T minus 3 weeks till 60 miles of walking and a step closer to breast cancer.


And of course what post would be complete without some breast cancer inspiration?




Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post on this cause so dear to our hearts. You’ve already supported us and helped us with this alone.

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  1. I love the newly furbished blog.. looks beautiful!! Very shabby chic.
    Most of all I love your entry. It makes my heart well with happiness to have you as one of my best friends. I am so very blessed.

    Now I kind of want some cookies 'n' cream ice cream...

    Love you!


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