Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here’s To Me


I digress, I have been terribly horrible as The Design Apprentice lately. I can and will label off the reasons with you.

1.) Worrying over Handsome’s lack of a job.

2.) Feeling like I just don’t always have anything blogworthy compared to what I read elsewhere.

3.) Waiting for a new blog makeover which I have decided will cure this all.


Now I will dissect these for you, really consider yourself lucky, this is privvy.

1.) Handsome has been without work for about a month now and if you knew him you would know how hard this has been. He is the traditional male and loves to provide. We’ve had an entire role reversal and it has been difficult on us both. I’ve caught myself saying, “I want to be the woman!” and he agrees, which just makes it more difficult. But when one door shuts God sure knows how to open a window. He had an interview yesterday and while nothing has been put on the table yet it went really well. We’re both learning to be positive and have faith and hope.

2.) Often I read so many blogs that just seem so glamorous. You own what? Your hair always looks like that? And half the time I don’t make time to even blow dry my hair before work let alone pick out outfits like I would love. These girls seem to constantly reach perfection and that’s just not obtainable. This is in no way a dig at other bloggers, in fact a lot of them impress me. But today I spoke with a fellow blogger on the phone and she reminded me of some tidbits I’ve found myself guilty of losing sight of. I don’t blog for an audience or a certain follower, but for me and my original goal. I wanted to have a creative outlet while I was working a previous job and I did so with decorating inspirations. This blogger today made me regain sight of what matters and that is making me happy and writing how I feel, whatever that may mean. So I have been snapped back to reality and inspired, to thy own self be true.

3.) I am going to be getting a new blog makeover in the next couple days. I purchased it roughly 6 weeks ago and I am so excited for a fresh look. As a lover of decorating of course I love to change things up, and this blog is no different. I just need to remind myself that a makeover won’t makeover my mind and my intentions of what I’m striving for out of this little blog.

So here’s to being whoever we want to be and finding in ourselves, because at the end of the day there’s no one else better to model.

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