Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebratin’ Love

I firmly believe Summer equates to many a memory and very few blog posts, at least for this Design Apprentice. Every summer I make a strong list of activities and things I want to accomplish and every August I wonder why I hadn’t had the time to do more things I wanted.

I have done some noteworthy things though.

Handsome and I celebrated four years together at a lovely little Southern restaurant in the city that has served the likes of Oprah and Obama. It was really good, yet not as good as the Southern restaurants I’ve ate at in Memphis and Mount Eagle. The company was amazing and our day was so simplistic and special. Every year I am astounded at how much we’ve grown together and individually.


I then took the responsibility of throwing Handsome’s brother’s fiancĂ©e's (did you follow that?)  Bachelorette party. I spent weeks preparing for the big day, I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect and personalized for Leslie, she has become such wonderful friend to me over the years.


I wanted even the most simple of decorations to be a great attraction and highlight of her special day.



My first online disclosure of our constantly evolving family room. It’s a work in progress but here it is before the big party.



A little bling on the coffee table Bob and I refinished to ring in the festivities.



Sprinkles Cupcakes (Chicago’s best by a land slide) take center stage in our little candy bar. 


The Candy bar on display, pre party.


Champagne glasses waiting for the Champagne bar to occur.

020Champagne bar equipped with pineapple juice and orange juice.


Homemade “Marriage Margarita” Jello Shots, strongest drink of the night. Delish. 

019Proposal Punch, the party hit by far. So delicious and very mild liquor taste.

014Bride to Be hanging from our shelves to welcome everyone.


Appetizers on the kitchen table amid lolli pops and lingerie cut outs. 


The bedroom cleaned and ready to be greeted. I still would like some very small end tables and to possibly paint the wall the headboard leans against.



The bride wearing the veil I made her and Future Mrs W sash I ordered.


Future Sisters, Lizzy, the boy’s sister, Leslie, and Me.

032The Bride, Leslie, at our main stop, Kit Kat Lounge.


The Lady Gaga Martini, I’ll take 2!


Leslie and the other Queen of the night!

The night ended with many a dance parties including a random one with my intern! Awkward.

The party was a success and everyone went home with one too many memories and a great celebration of Leslie’s last bit of single lady!

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  1. you totally outdid yourself...the house and the party decor look fantastic!!!


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