Wednesday, August 24, 2011

nine loves

Life has been a little crazy and I was so excited to see this yesterday posted at Leggings are NOT pants

So I thought why not partake on day nine, loves

1. Bubble baths, since I was a child I have absolutely felt most at peace in a bubble bath to wind down the day.

2. Feeling lady like, this includes being dresses to the nines and feeling absolutely feminine. I’ve always been as girly as they come and I love anything that makes me feel like a Jackie O.  It’s about always showing grace to those around you.

3. Being Left Handed, I really think this explains some of my creativity and it’s unique.

4. Falling Asleep Cuddling, nothing seems more soothing or safe.

5. Watching Shelby sleep, watching my little furbaby in pure sweet slumber makes life always seem better.


6. Buying a brand new nail polish, along with this is a very unusual obsession with buying random drugstore finds at Walgreens, this borders on unhealthy.

7. Air popped Popcorn, as a little girl I was obsessed with having my Papa make me popcorn when I’d go to his house. To this day I still think his popcorn is the best. Extra melted butter and salt please.

8. Eating out. I don’t care where or what cuisine usually, I just love the experience. Okay maybe I care a little bit about what I’m eating.

9. Reading a book I can’t bare to put down.

Without calling it a ten, but more of a plug: I love Pinterest. It’s where I spend so many hours finding pictures that I will at some point in time organize into boards. It’s where I found these photos sans my Shelbalina sleeping.


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  1. I love getting new nail colors! I've been on quite the Essie-buying kick lately!


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