Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Planning In Full Force

I want to thank each and every one of you for your sweet sweet comments and messages I received about our engagement. We are so happy and I feel so blessed to have so many people out there who we can share in our joy and happiness with!

To say I have become elbow deep in planning would be an understatement. I have purchased every bridal magazine of relevancy and those without relevancy (read: Southern Living Weddings). I have priced out venues and picked my colors.

Top Venue Contenders:
Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza-
Hyatt Lodge McDonald's Campus-

I noticed after about the third venue we had looked at that I had an obsession with venues with expansive windows, and a view!
  • The Holiday Inn is on the 14th floor and has views of the Chicago skyline. On a sunny day you can see even see Indiana.
  • The Hyatt Lodge is in the middle of a forest with views of the trees, a lake, and a pavilion. They also have a bonfire pit and did I mention they bring out McDonald's cheeseburgers at midnight? They're the only McDonald's owned hotel in the world.

And our colors?

By Nearlyweds Wedding Websites

Rose, Sage, Brown, and Light Gray.. Think branches, and shabby chic with gray neutral tones.

How did you pick your venue?


  1. Lovely venues!! It must be so hard to pick. Wish I could give you some advice but I'm not married!

    Seen some of the things you've pinned on pinterest and they are lovely!!



  2. Congrats, darlin!! I am brand new to your blog, which I stumbled upon on Twitter through some of my blog friends, and just caught up with your sweet engagement story! I am so happy for you, and hope that you enjoy the craziness of the planning process! Looks like you are off to a fantastic start!


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