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26 Facts

I decided for my twenty sixth (oy!) birthday I would offer you 26th facts about yours truly, hopefully they’re not redundant from other items I’ve offered about me.


1. My Mom prayed the novena to the Blessed Mother during her pregnancy. She had originally gone into labor when she was four months pregnant, on Christmas day, and given meds to subdue her pregnancy. She told the Blessed Mother if I were a girl she would name her daughter after Mary’s mother, Anne. If the Blessed Mother answers your prayer you are suppose to receive a sign. My mother named me Kathleen Anne and wondered what the sign could be. I was born two months early still, but was healthy. Months later while flipping through her novena booklet she saw that the prayer originated on March 3rd, when the Blessed Mother appeared to a girl in Italy suffering from stomach issues. Wouldn’t you know my birthday is March 3rd.

2. Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with theatre. I have had starring roles in many a plays and thought I was destined for the silver screen. At the age of five after a great leading performance I asked my director when I would get to be on Full House with the Olsens. To this day my biggest regret has been not getting headshots and pursuing my hobby for fun. I’ve got some serious skill and it isn’t getting much younger. I secretly cringe when I see the likes of L Lohan and Scarlett J on tv, if the talent aint there it makes me sad when luck runneth over.

3. I’m only 5’0” tall. I round up on important documents like my drivers license because I’m 5’0” and 3/4. So I should probably just be 5’1” from here on out.

4. I have a gold scapular necklace that I was given when I made my confirmation in the 8th grade. I’ve taken it off no more than 10 times since 2000. It’s said if you die while wearing a scapular you will be graced with escaping purgatory and go to heaven. It’s part of my Catholic faith and I feel so deeply connected to it, it also features the Blessed Mother on one side, which automatically comforts me. You can see it sort of here.



5. I’m obsessed with the Meyers Brigg personality tests, if we get close enough I will ask you to take this. I am an ENFP, ironically my Mom is an INFP. It just means I’m the extroverted version of her personality. I don’t look at all like my poor mother but we are the same person, minus my outgoing nature. That and we both have pinky's that don’t stand up straight, they’re crooked.

6. I would love to go blonde, think Emily Stone when she is very blonde. Using Instyle’s hair do feature I was able to try it on. If I wasn’t getting married in a year I would spend the time and money to make this change now, I’ve just always wanted to be married brunette.


7. Since 8th grade I have had a crazy obsession with Dashboard Confessional. One of the single best days of my life was being surprised with concert tickets from my dear friend Emily. We got to approx the 3rd row, I made eye contact with Chris, and fought for caught his guitar pic.


8. I didn’t become cool until college. In junior high and high school I was a total nerd. A book reading, I want to hang out with my mom on a Friday, find out who my friends really are nerd. When college came I wasn’t used to a sudden burst of attention, and found it humorous when certain high school boys took an interest in me all of a sudden. These eyebrows were exactly a gals best friend.


9. To go on, I was always known in college as the good girl, the innocent one. I like to think this reflects on my parents strong conservative upbringing and constant presence in my childhood.

10. My ultimate goal/dream is to be a stay at home Mom. I want to have a very large family and get to stay at home doing crazy arts and crafts projects and teach my children solid values. This is what my Mom was able to provide for me and it meant so much. I also wouldn’t mind buying an old house and dedicating my time and blog to a renovation.

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11. I can’t whistle loud or roll my R’s. I’ve learned it can’t be taught and is genetic, whatev.

12. I’ve had the privilege of seeing both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict perform mass in Canada and Germany, amazing experiences.

13. If it weren’t for my family I would live in the South. I like it a lot, like I may be in love. I love the culture, the values, the pace, the food, the weather, the lifestyle, the fashion… Need I say more? I’ll be having my Bachelorette party in Nashville, one of my fave cities. I can’t wait to introduce my best friends to one of America’s best cities.

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14. I have my FOID card. This means I have the ability to shoot firearms. I recently learned that IL is one of the only states to not allow citizens to carry a firearm. If I could, I would definitely carry. One of my favorite movie scenes is when Sandra Bullock says she carries every day and is in the prayer group with the head of the NRA. I actually want to be her character.

"If you so much as set foot downtown, you will be sorry. I'm in a prayer group with the D.A., I'm a member of the NRA and I'm always packing"

15. I like my steak rare, my food salty, and ranch dressing on everything that is socially acceptable.

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16. I recently joined weight watchers and I’m loving it. It’s very hard to remain accountable on weekends, but has been the easiest and most effective weight management system I’ve used. The website that has been my saving grace? Yeah, that’d be:

17. When I first saw B I was dumbstruck, I never thought I had seen a man as attractive as him in person. It was like an out of body experience, and 8 years later I still feel that way. I’m so blessed to feel that way and truly believe there’s someone like that for everyone. It’s never okay to settle, because everyone deserves to feel giddy and swept off their feet.

18. My three best friends are people I met through my church youth group. Some of our parents have even founded relationships, and I’m so blessed to share morals and high school silly stories with these girls. We call ourselves the Iguanas or Igs, and they mean more to me than I could possibly vocalize.


19. When I was a child I idolized my cousin Tara. She was beautiful, outgoing, athletic, funny, and everything I wanted to be. She named her daughter Molly Kathleen after me, and they will both be in my wedding. Tara will be my matron of honor and Molly will be my junior bridesmaid. Do note that while I was outgoing, her athleticism was polar opposite of my girly girl personality.


20. My first car was a Chevy Blazer, I now own a Kia Sorento. Having an SUV makes me feel big for the only time in my life. Insert: large and in charge.

21. If it’s lacey, pink, includes a bow, or ruffles, chances are I’ll buy it. In the city of Chicago the predominant color of a working woman is black, I tend to break the mold with my pastels and frills, and that’s ok.

22. I have a huge love for hockey, the NHL, and The Blackhawks. As a kid we had season tickets 3rd row off the ice, and I wish my dad still had them. Nothing is as exciting to watch in action as a good hockey game with an ice cold brew.

23. I got Shelby Mae, or Shelbalina on my 21st birthday. She is the most loyal and sweet pup and fur mommy could ask for. She currently lives with my parents and I just can’t wait for this lease to be up in December whose counting so I can have her in the city with me. When I’m on the phone with my Mom she hears and gets really excited and energetic until my mom puts the phone to her ear. She’s just the sweetest little girl. This was us when we live together in college for a bit:


24. I absolutely love Gone with the Wind. In a I wish I was Scarlett O’Hara type of love. In a Rhett Butler is the ideal mean and I could totally pull of all of those outfits and wardrobe sorta way. I knew Bob was in it to “win it” when he sat down on our last anniversary and stayed awake through the whole movie. Side note: He was team Rhett, and thought Ashley was pathetic.

25. I pride myself in making people happy and building positive relationships. Everything I do, even in business, that is successful is a direct correlation to the relationships I’ve built with businesses. When all is said and done I just want to be able to have made people happy and feel good about themselves.

26. I believe that nothing will get you farther in life than a smile, please and thank you, honesty, and the knowledge that you must treat everyone equal, because ain’t no one better than another. To go along with this, I think that in order to be true to yourself you must always stand up for what’s right, even if it isn’t easy.


Now I’m off to celebrate that lil ol’ birthday. Happy Weekend to you all!

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  1. Happy Birthday to YOU! And wishing you well in the new job search...that can be SO difficult! It sounds like you are destined to be a MOMMY...the BEST thing in the WORLD!!!

    Happy day, my friend!
    Heidi (hi-d)


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