Friday, March 2, 2012

Long Weekend

Welp, since my resignation I have experience an extended weekend, if you will.

To offer complete transparency, yesterday I moped in my sweats until B came home from work. Then he insisted we go see a movie, we settled on This Means War, and I loveddd it. On the ride home I was so happy and out of my funk, I kept looking at him and his dimples and wondering how I got so lucky.

Today I am in for another treat, my MOH and best friend Erin is coming downtown to treat me for an early birthday lunch. She won’t be able to make it for my birthday because she’s a nurse and has a shift that she’ll need to tend to. Girlfriend knows me so well, after a couple tipsy texts from me last night while I watched “Up All Night” and told her I wish she was a talk show host instead of a nurse I received this response from her:

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Get up. Read your text messages you sent to me. Enjoy being off. Confirm to your MOH that I’m a Kelly Ripa talk show host and not a Rosie one. Seize the day. You deserve it “Birthday Diva”.

So tomorrow I will be meeting her for lunch and cocktails at Hub 51.


Beforehand I have to go get my drivers license renewed which will include a written exam, a visual exam, and a new photo. I’m kind of nervous, I haven’t taken an exam in years! And I don’t find it necessary to change my weight from what it was when I was 18, if you were wondering. I’ll get back to that one soon enough.

B and I will head home for the night when he gets home from work to celebrate 26 with my family. Being it’s lent we’ll go out to a nice fish restaurant in the burbs and hang out with them. Then the next morning I’ll be heading out with my Mom for a no chip mani, pedi, and birthday dress for le official big day.

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Oh the choices, the more I look at that last arden option the more in love I’m fallin’. I can’t wait to meet all of my friends out in the city.  After a major life decision nothing feels as heartwarming as seeing the ones who you care about, caring back around you.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I hope you have a lovely birthday! Sorry to hear about your job...I resigned from a job because I absolutely hated it so I know exactly what you mean : )

    Gemma x


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