Monday, March 5, 2012

NO 26


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This weekend was spent ringing in 26 with the ones I love dearly.


Like I’d said Erin came down and treated me to lunch, we ended up going to Shaw’s Crab House so that we could stay lenten proper. After wards we met her Dad for a drink at a local pub. It was so much fun. Girlfriend knows me so well she gifted me with this pad:

[Found here]

She got me a couple other amazing makeup palette goodies, but I thought dear Lord how on earth could this gift be made more for me? I think only if it has tabs for Wedding, Job Hunt, and Decorating.She nailed it!

On Friday night I met my parents out for dinner with B and my sister and her boyfriend. I feasted out crab legs and had such a good time just hanging with my family and talking without the TV, and just each other.

Saturday, on my actual birthday, my Mom treated me to a no chip mani in OPI bubble bath and a hot pink sparkly pedicure. We got lunch and went shopping for a party dress for me. I’m so proud of her, she’s lost a significant amount of weight in the past several months and she was able to buy a party dress herself, too. 

B came and picked me up and back to the city we went. On the way home I opened my gifts from him, they included the prettiest bouquet of pink flowers a girl could ask for, a classic Frank Sinatra CD, and a healthy eating cook book which I can’t wait to use!

My girl friends drove in for the night and we ordered pizza and got ready  before meeting everyone else out. We headed to Bull & Bear for my party and I was so touched by everyone who came out.

le fam

Not only did two of my cousins who had previously plan make an appearance, but so did some of my coworkers who I was closest with at work. Friendship don’t end just because the job does.

my office chics

love these two

And of course my crazy friend Coco and I both made friends with the bathroom attendant, Rita. It was Rita’s birthday the day before and we were just so happy to speak Pisces to each other. Yes, it is a language.

It was so much fun and I thank each and every one of you who came out and celebrated my day of life with me. Also I just stole facebook photos from others, so don’t mind the lack of a picture of B and I.

Sunday was a day of reflection and relaxation, isn’t that how Sunday’s should always be?


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  1. I want to go shopping in your closet!! LOVE that dress you are wearing!!


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