Sunday, May 6, 2012

Allow me to introduce to you…

I’d love to share with you lovelies the ladies I am going to have in my bridal party. I’m so happy to have all of these ladies participating in our special day. I know with them by my side it will be guaranteed good times!

Matron of Honor: Tara. Tara is my cousin and the person I have looked up to most in my whole life. She is 11 years older than me, but it’s never stopped us from being close as can be. Our mothers are sisters and quite often seem like the same lady. I think this made life more easy to relate to and with age we’ve gotten even closer. She’s outgoing, athletic, gorgeous, and only 4’11”; a tiny and wonderful but powerful package.

Maid of Honor: Erin. Erin is my best friend and this girl rocks. We met through church in high school and became fast friends. We went to Europe together [as pictured in France with a rando bachelor party] and had the time of our lives. Erin then joined me in college at Eastern Ill. and our friendship grew stronger than ever. Since college we’ve definitely grown up but we still have so much fun. She just bought a place downtown so I am excited to have her around even more!

Bridesmaid: Mary Beth. Mary is my sister, my only sister. When I was little I would pray every single night that God would give me a little sister and when I was five years old my greatest prayer came true. My parents adopted Mary Beth and brought her home as a newborn to join our family that was not complete until she was born. She’s always been quite the opposite of me, when I liked pink she preferred blue, when I wanted long hair she wanted short, when I wanted to take dance class she wanted to play sports. She’s opened  me up to so much and I am so happy to have Mare in our wedding.

Bridesmaid: Lizzy. Lizzy is Bob’s sister, and like me he has only one sister. I first met Liz when she was just sixteen years old, and when Bob and I started dating Liz was 18 and going away to college. I’ve been so lucky to see her turn into such a beautiful and giving woman. She is the truest of true people I have ever met, and her heart is pure and kind. She’s so much fun and care free and are wedding would not be complete without her.

Bridesmaid: Leslie. Leslie is Bob’s oldest brother’s wife, meaning she will be my sister in law. Shortly after beginning her relationship with Bob’s brother Mike, Leslie moved to Chicago and our friendship quickly blossomed. She’s beyond wonderful and such a real person. We talk almost every day and find so much to laugh at. I find myself turning to Leslie very often, really in a sister like way. I can’t wait to be able to have her officially become my sister, and I really can’t wait to have her there in our wedding.

Bridesmaid: Mary Pat. Mary Pat is one of my very best friends. We met my senior year of high school and quickly became friends. We always shared the same group of girl friends, and got even closer when we both took a semester off of college to regroup, choose new majors, and spend a lot of time together. Fun little side note: Mary Pat and B’s good friend Matt met on new years eve for the first time and have since been dating and going strong. They’re ridiculously cute together and hey, it’s always fun to get another couple to double date with.

Bridesmaid: Dana. I met Dana when I was a junior in high school and instantly loved her. She is beyond hysterical and such a down to earth person. Her sense of humor is unlike anyone else's, and she’s always drawing people in with a great story, without even realizing it. Our parents have become really great friends because of our friendship, added bonus. Her Dad was also the jeweler behind le engagement ring, the man is incredible at what he does.

Junior Bridesmaid: Molly. Molly is Tara, my cousin and maton of honor’s daughter. Molly is actually Molly Kathleen, after yours truly. She is such a great amazing little lady and we’ve always had a very special bond. She’s a year younger than Bob’s brother Tommy so they’ll be able to walk down together and make quite the cute pair.


Flower Girl: Lilah. Lilah is Bob’s cousin’s daughter. She is beyond adorable, and older now than in this photo. She’s a little ballerina in training and lives in New England with her family. It’s always such a treat when we get to visit and see them so I am so happy to be able to include her in the wedding.


Let the festivities get underway!

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