Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Switch up

Well, friends- we have changed our wedding venue, it’s official. I  thought our old venue was beautiful but once I saw photos by fluke of our new venue, I fell in love. B was very apprehensive at first to hear that after we reserved our venue that I wanted to go see a new venue, and I can’t blame the guy.

Here’s how fate came knocking. I went to an adorable tea room with my Mom for fun and afterwards we decided to drive around and look for open houses. We both have a deep appreciation for real estate, and my parents are thinking about downsizing their now vacant nest. We spotted an adorable property and decided why not go in and take a looksy? When we went in we were greeted by a very nice realtor and her husband.

Some how weddings came up and my Mom told them that I was going to be getting married next year. They told us their son just got married recently and it was at a beautiful apple orchard just over the Illinois border in Indiana. Realtor’s Husband, or RH as I’ll dub him pulled out his phone and started thumbing through photos of their wedding to show us. And then it hit me, I wanted what I was seeing. It was rustic, spacious, grand, really everything I wanted in a venue. When my Mom saw the pictures she literally said, “Uh oh”. Even she knew this meant changes were about to happen.

After talking B into checking out this new possibility we decided to wait and see if we liked it before telling my dad and anyone else. Sure enough when we saw it there was a wedding about to begin and seeing all of the decorations, I couldn’t have dreamt of anything more beautiful. I got a bit misty eyed and knew then that it’s what I really wanted. B said if he’d seen this particular venue first that he would have absolutely wanted this one over our previous choice but he was a bit weary still. Eventually my wonderful fiancé decided he liked this apple orchard better too and thought it fit us much better.

So without further ado…

pink wedding ideas

We’re both so excited, and can’t believe in less than a year we’ll be a married couple!

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