Tuesday, June 5, 2012

be the change


We’re headed for some more change over here at The Design Apprentice. We’re moving and leaving our picturesque view of Lake Michigan from our family room to a house. Not just any house, a house I’ve documented in passing through the years on this very blog see here, here, and here.

Basically we put our pens to paper and realize with a wedding in the next year and the rest of our lives ahead of us, it was silly to be paying so much for rent when we could live at B’s grandmother’s home and remodel it. It has great bones and so many things we’d love to do to it like refinish wood floors under old carpeting, open a fireplace now covered with drywall, change HVAC vents from wall locations to floor locations, etc. We’ve been getting overwhelmed when we think too far ahead, and are just excited that by living there and spending part of what we did on rent we can in turn, fix it up.

And did I mention we get to bring my pup, Shelbs with us? Living in a condo high rise is not worth forgoing her anymore.

I’ve had a binder with clippings from places like This Old House, Traditional Home, Flea Market Finds, etc. for years. While I don’t have it digitally, I’d still love to share from inspiration for the little home that could via pinterest.

1950s bungalow kitchen

Bungalow living room

Dining room

Love this craft room #craft room

That’s just a little taste of what we’re dreamin about. Can’t wait to start breaking ground, and soon!

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