Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Iowa on my mind.

I am obsessed with decorating. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to me, er at least I hope. Once my mind starts going on a subject, it’s so hard to veer it back. Be it related to our wedding and whether peonies or ranunculus are a better choice to if a dominant room color should be a warm gray instead of a subdued aqua color. It all fascinates me and I scour the internet for all traces of an answer. What did we do before google? This girl would not survive if we were still rockin’ the dewy decimal system. 

I’ve not been able to get a home out of my mind today. I am literally obsessed with every single design element the owners poured into their bungalow remodel, featured in Country Home Magazine. The article states that the home was built in Des Moines, Iowa in 1923. It has gorgeous bones, and it’s obvious the owners wanted to preserve the integrity while bringing the home up to speed for todays era.

I featured this living room in my last post, and it lead me to find the rest of this house. Look at that gorgeous reclaimed wood fireplace mantle. And the shade of aqua on the walls is amazing, without being too cold. P.S., I love that they explain where the TV is in this photo. I really dislike when homes are staged without a television, because that’s just not realistic. The TV in this photo is behind the framed illustration on the mantle. The website states that they bought all of their supplies from Home Depot, but I can’t find which paints were used throughout. In an effort to get as closely as possible I used Sherwin William’s Letchipit.com to upload the images and find their color match.

The living room appears to have more of a mint color than the blue found in the living room. Aren’t the different chair covers a great way to break up monotony and add character to the space? The pendant drum shade is beautiful and the fabric looks like it’s meant to be with the other patterns in one room. I also love the round dining room table, if you’re family isn’t too large I think it’s a great take on the rectangle tables we see so often.

The kitchen combines the white beams and the natural wood perfectly, they really appear to accent each other. I think the concrete counter tops are gorgeous too, if only it weren’t such a time consuming and tedious DIY project. I also love the school house pendants. School House lighting adds such an unexpected but traditional punch to any remodeled space.

The article states that this hutch is made from stock cabinetry. It’s amazing to see this huge staple in the kitchen, because it looks like it could be original to the house. Again, they mixed the white and natural wood finishes so flawlessly.

This may be one of my favorite kitchen nooks ever. I love the mismatched pillows, they really make the house appear lived in and not like a cookie cutter home. The wall color is again beautiful, and check out that dog crate. Maybe I’m just a crazy dog owner, but I would die for one of these. This is so much prettier than a metal crate, and it looks like a cozy spot for a pooch. I now need to find a DIY for this.

County Home Magazine shares that this office nook is in the family room. It seems like the perfect place for a family office space, so as not to sequester any family members far away from the living space. I love the built in look here, they carried it out so well.

This could very well be the mamacita of master bedrooms. A wood stump for a nightstand, a-maz-ing. The wall color is serene yet bright and the mismatched furniture is perfect for a home that looks like it wasn’t put together in one trip to the local furniture store. The flowers on the stump aren’t a bad touch either.

The bathroom has an encased soak tub. I don’t think I’d ever leave the bathroom if this was in my house, and that would be perfectly okay. Check out the marble weaved tile on the floor and the apothecary bottles on the shelves. It really looks like no details went unnoticed to these Midwestern home owners.

In case that eye candy left you wanting to see paint matches, here’s what I discovered:

  This room matches would be as followed…

Living Room: SW-Halcyon Green-      Sherwin-Williams - Halcyon Green - SW6213 by Sherwin-Williams                

Dining Room: SW Koi Pond-            

Kitchen: SW Softer Tan-                    Sherwin-Williams - Softer Tan - SW6141 by Sherwin-Williams

Breakfast Nook: SW Unusual Gray-    Sherwin-Williams - Unusual Gray SW7059 by Sherwin-Williams

Bedroom: SW Watery-                      Sherwin-Williams - Watery - SW6478 by Sherwin-Williams

Bathroom: SW Passive-                    Paint, Passive, SW7064 by Sherwin-Williams


Do you think the colors look like the matches Sherwin Williams gave? Are you as crazy about this house as me? I can’t get over how soothing all of the paint colors look together, so soothing and not the least bit contrasting.

Hope you’re all doing wonderful and having a great start to your week!

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  1. That living room color scheme is very similar to what I am trying to create on my sun porch. I will have to show you a pic of the table I just bought.


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