Monday, July 30, 2012

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

So we learned that under the majority of the carpet in this whole house is wood. We started on the demolition of the green carpet last weekend right before my friend Mal’s birthday. When I told her we were late because we were tearing up the rug she said, “I assume you mean you two were dancing?”

Definitely not, Mal.


I had been itching to get started and it seemed like the perfect thing to do on our little Saturday afternoon.


B was hard at work removing all the nails underneath the stair tread.


Here is the finished result in our upstairs hallway. I’m sorry I have no pre photos of the carpet, but you’ll see more of the colors below.


Shebly was the biggest helper we could have imagine. Shelbs was pensive and just the watchful eye two DIY selfers need for such a big project. We’re very lucky to have someone with so much project management experience helping us.


Another shot of our pretty new-old floors.


Then it was time to move on to the rest of the stairs, an idea that took me all of Sunday to do!

130 131

Once I removed all of the carpet the risers and all of the little bitty nails that accompany stair treads were waiting for me.


I removed the swiffer wet jet lid and filled it up with wood cleaning solution to take it to the stairs head on.


Here’s a bit of the process for you to see.


We’ve still got more refinishing and transforming to make these beauts shine to their full potential, but I have to say they’re on their way up (no pun  intended. okay maybe it was a little bit intended.)



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  1. Love it when things like this happen! Such a hidden gem. I love the wood : )

    Gemma x


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