Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our befores

We definitely have had our work cut out for us. We’ve painted the bedroom a beautiful light blue and are starting in on installing a closet system today. We’ve gotten rid of the old non working stove and had a new stove installed today. I thought I’d finally share photos I took several years ago of what we were starting out with and then as we progress I’ll show you what we’ve done. This reference point will make us look really good and like the smooth operators we are. Today I’ll start by sharing what our main floor looked like upon move in day, get ready…

Le kitchen





Like I said, in an effort to be 100% transparent I thought I’d show you the completely raw photos prior to our work. I’m happy to report that while we’re definitely in a work in progress, none of these rooms look like this at the moment. Things have been moved, out furniture has been added, it’s looking like two twenty something's live here, which we love.

Working room by room has been really addicting, it’s amazing to see our work come together and to breath a bit of life into this old house! Stay tuned for updates and a peak into the second floor prior to we got our crafty hands on it.

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