Sunday, July 15, 2012

We interrupt this post…

We interrupt this post to update you on life's transgressions…


I have been without cable and internet for 14 days.

I have moved out of the beautiful Gold Coast coast neighborhood and into B’s grandma’s amazing suburban home.

I quit my very nice job, which I hated. I never documented on the blog out if pride, but… it was awful.

I got a new job, which I mesh with amazingly. I am shocked, I though after my successful stint at a household name company my career would never feel so gratifying again. Then I found my current company and I am so shocked and relieved to not only already love my coworkers, but to understand and appreciate my new job.

I now have my beloved pup, Shelbs living with us.

I am so happy and can’t wait to get unpacked and get my camera out to share with you the tweaks we’ve made to this home. No joke, I always felt a calling to this house, like I wanted to pretty it up, but I’m shocked at what I keep finding. We’ve found finished wood floors throughout the main level and so many charming details. I feel like we’re more than just giving this house a face lift, we’re literally reading its diary, and it has one awesome story to tell.

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