Saturday, August 25, 2012

a tale of two identities

I’ve heard of credit card fraud, stolen identity, and the like. I’d never heard of stolen mugs until today. I got an email from a man in Sweden telling me he found my photo on a dating website in Sweden, and by using Google image search traced the image back to my profile picture on this here blog. Jigga, what?

I asked this man if he could take a screen shot of my apparent profile and send it to me and assured him that I have never been to Sweden, though my grandma is half Swede. He replied by sending me a screen shot of the image.


Well would ya look at that? I mean, I definitely found it really funny because this is entirely random but it’s also creepy. I mean why would someone use my image? And if they would use my image, then what would they do if they went on a date? It’s definitely creepy.

Well I got a little intrigued and joined the site so I could see it for myself. Thanks to Google translation I was able to see what this weirdo wrote in his/her about me:


Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

  • I'd like to point out the hussy said I am 29. Let's not age me any faster, here.
  • I have absolutely no desire to ever go to Thailand. ever.
  • I'm pretty set on the Prince Charming thing.
  • The internet is also a terrific venue to find a new face, said nobody ever.

So I wrote into this dating site and let them know of the problem and that I’d like to hear what comes of this.

So… if you’re Anna O, I’m definitely giving you the stink eye from across the Atlantic and suggesting you get your own face.

I’m really thankful for the nice man who shared this with me! I remember once reading a blog post from Young House Love in which they reveal that a reader let them know that their home’s photos were on a rental site. Someone was trying to portray John and Sherry’s home as their own property. Again, way creepy and such weird scams.

P.S. I see that Anna O can have gifts sent to her. I’m in favor of having any gifts she may get forwarded to me here in the states, I mean it’d be only fair right?

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