Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catchin’ the skinnies

On my last post I touched on healthy habits. Well, there’s nothing like your own wedding to make you want to get a case of the skinnies. The only problem?  The older I get the more I realize you need to catch the skinnies, it’s not the other way around, they aren’t in a hurry to catch you. I call what I’m seeking “the skinnies”, in an endearing way but I mean a healthy overall life style. I mean someone who can jog up a flight of stairs in the city on a given day. Someone with toned definition on le body.


I was one of those girls I now hate for many years, like my whole life up until 22. The kind that eat like crap and don’t gain a pound. I was like that all the way through college and it wasn’t until my super senior semester of college that anything change.

God, do I miss that girl.

Freshman year in college I was known to live on bags of home-style microwave popcorn and deluxe packages of slim jims. This doesn’t count the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where we would dine on fried chicken tenders with loaded baked potatoes and pecan pie. It was fabulous. Senior year of college my best friend, sorority sister, and roommate Mallory was in her health classes where she was studying nutrition. She was told to think of the unhealthiest person she could and she picked me, we laughed about it.


I realize now that the skinny girl is still in there and she’s wanting to get back out. She’ll never be able to load up on fried chicken tenders on a tri weekly basis or go to a kegger and not see a shift in the scale the next day. But that girl is now a woman and she shouldn’t want those things either.


I joined a gym.


This may not sound like a big feat to most of you, but then again you’re not me. I’ve had memberships for free or had privy to gyms in buildings I’ve worked/lived in before but I dropped down mucho dinero to go and sweat. With it comes 4 personal training sessions and all the classes a gal could want. I had my first session yesterday and it was awesome, my body was doin’ things I didn’t know it could do and today I wobbled like I was on stilts. I’m sore and it’s awesome.


I’m also watching what I eat and writing it all down. Bob joined cross-fit and is loving that. We have engagement photos in t-minus 2 months so here’s to a clean bill of health.

What’s helped you when you’ve been on the quest for a healthy life style?

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