Friday, August 31, 2012

From prefabulous to rehabulous

So I have purposely not posted completed photos of our bedroom for some time. It’s really easy to make excuses, but honestly I didn’t think I could take photos nice enough to do the room justice. For Christmas last year my parents gifted me with a really nice SLR camera, a Nikon D3100. It’s amazing, I just didn’t really know how to do much on it except Automatic and manually focus the lenses.

Then it dawned on me, B’s Dad studied photography. He actually got his masters in photography from one of the most prestigious schools in the country. I had been thinking of signing up for a photography workshop and I realized last weekend that I had a source of knowledge right at my finger tips, and I oughta utilize that! It was like an epiphany moment when a great light shone down on me and the heavens opened, I don’t need to pay for classes! My future father in law gave me some great tips, and as luck would have it told me where to find a camera tri pod in his old bedroom closet in the house. Today I went looking for it and found a tripod that fit the camera perfectly. The photos are literally night and day when using the tripod and playing with things like shutter speed and aperture. So without further ado here is our bedroom progress!


Here from the door way shows our windows with our freshly painted walls, new bamboo blinds and recently hung drapes.


Here’s another shot of our bamboo blinds and drapes. I think it adds a great source of color to the room.


This picture is taken from our closet and gets the majority of the room into one shot.


Here’s a view of the remainder of the room. I love the way the wall color looks so different in various shades of light. It’s such a great blue gray shade.


Here you can see our bed front on. We still need to purchase another night stand and I’ve been shopping around like cray cray. We’re trying to decide between purchasing this girl a vanity or placing a night stand there in stead. We definitely have the space for a vanity in another room, and the Lord knows I have a make up collection that needs a place to go.


I bought these lamps on and have one of the best customer service stories to go with it. The shades came dented and I got in touch with OKL and they were apologetic and sought to find new shades for them. They couldn’t find replacement shades so they let me keep them and reimbursed me for the total. I have never heard of another company with such an outstanding policy, aside from Nordstrom. How cool is that? I’m sure I’ll eventually replace the shades,but I was so thankful for their uh-maze-ing customer care.


Here is where the Shelbs sleeps every night. Girlfriend did not want to sit for a photo, I definitely had to remind her repeatedly in order to get this shot. She loves her little bed, but as soon as we’re off to work in the morning she jumps on ours with a look on her face like, “later suckers!”


This is probably my favorite piece in the entire room. It’s Bobs grandma’s old dining room buffet. We moved it upstairs and repurposed it as a dresser. We even use the built in silverware organizer as a structured sock drawer. We need new hardware, but it has such amazing bones. You really can’t buy furniture like this brand new anymore. The way the natural wood looks with the blue has such a cool pop of color.


On top of my dresser I keep a cake stand that holds all of my bauble necklaces. It’s a fun way to display all of the colors and makes remembering what necklaces I have much easier. P.S. That little round wooden box next to it? Bob wood turned that for me from a solid piece of wood for a gift. It’s one of my favorite things. I definitely lucked out in the fiancé department, if I do say so myself.

038 032

I took this first photo before I found the tripod and the second one after the tripod. It’s remarkable what a difference a bit of camera stability can do for a photo!

Here is our bedroom, it’s still a work in progress. We have plans for art work and the like but it’s a big change from this…




And for a bit more of a dramatic before and after!

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  1. It looks absolutely fantastic, and I am seriously loving the buffet as a dresser!


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