Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If pinterest says so, it must be right


I don’t know if you have a love for pinterest as much as I do, but it’s addicting. In fact, maybe pinterest should be one of my new vices. I’m trying to get rid of some of my not so pretty habits and replace them with healthy and happy choices. Pinterest is like the google for a gals life. Let’s see here what pinterest can solve:

So the weathers a changin’ and you have dry skin. Your scented lotions aren’t doing the trick, no matter how much you lather on so what’s a gal to do? Pass on the guacamole and save that avocado for some honey salve. pinterest says so!

treat dry skin



How about when you need dry shampoo and you’re either out or flat broke? Well run on over to the kitchen and make you own, pinterest says so!


DIY Dry Shampoo



“Where are my bobbi pins? I know I just bought what was suppose to be a life time supply and I can’t find them”, is that you? Or how about, “I find bobbi pins everywhere. They’re in my bathroom medicine cabinet, strewn about by my shower, and I just found some underneath my rug.” Well grab your old tic tac holder, pinterest says so!

Tips, Tips, and More Tips


And one for a mid week smile, because pinterest says so!

How to yodel........


And for a mid August smile, how about my home girl Jennifer Aniston’s engagement? I’ve literally had about 35 dreams we’re we are BFFs, which means we probably would be, right? It’s a shame we don’t know each other because I would love to be in the planning wedding phases together. I could give her tips on the best way to save on open bar and how to pinch pennies on wedding cake, all the important lessons she’d totally appreciate.

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