Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Move over gerber baby…

Long hair don’t care? Yeah that’s a mantra I wish I could have. The thing is the longer my hair gets and the colder it gets outside, the worse my skin and hair look.
I had been dying for a humidifier, something that would keep my dryer than normal skin at bay. The thing is when B and I lived in the city we didn’t have to worry about this. When I lived with my parents, I especially did not have to worry about dry skin. Mr and Mrs Design Apprentice know how to keep their humidifier going year round.
In our current abode we do not have central air. In fact, we have a window unit to keep our bedroom cool and that about summons it. I’m not particularly used to dry skin and this has been a new thing for me. I’ve been waking up with very dry skin and a dry face and scalp to boot; read not pretty. I’ve recently been experimenting with Retina- A micro, so on top of a dry interior climate, my body was beggin' for some moisture!
Several weeks ago I started to Google pretty humidifiers. The results were slim. After much deliberation I found a beaut, a humidifier that served also as an interior decorator's dream. How did I find this? Good question! I googled “humidifier interior décor”. In return, I found the middle colors humidifier. It comes in a large variety of colors and two sizes, the larger size also has a spot for essential  oils to be infused in the air.

I received this beaut in the mail and was so excited to try it.

I did not want to assess this gem until I had several nights of rest under my skin (pun mildly intended) with it.
After two nights I have been shocked. Since being engaged I have had a rough spot where my engagement ring typically reigns, it is now soft as a baby’s bottom. When I have waken up my skin has been in the smoothest of conditions. I. am. shocked.
Granted this photo is without my beloved tripod. I was a bit excited to show you the steam pouring out of this my middle colors humidifier.
Do you see this thing? That beautiful steam like effect is honest to goodness humidity. It truly looks like a pricey art piece, duo purpose baby!
Here’s another shot of that beautiful moisturizing steam. Can a gal get any happier?
Perhaps it’s just me and my long standing reign as a Gryffindor alumni, but this looks straight out of a Harry Potter movie, and it feels even better!
Did I fail to mention the settings that it comes with? Shame on me! It comes in a high, low, and sleep settings. In the  morning, it is still running. Perhaps this is really the trade secret of celebs like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts.
Regardless, my skin would make a Gerber baby pretty content, and B isn’t complaining either.
Disclosure: I was so excited to purchase a middle colors humidifier that I contacted their corporation and inquired about receiving one in the mail. They sent me one in the mail and I have never been happier. My feelings and beliefs about this product are entirely my own, and if you are in need of a humidifier I highly recommend a middle colors humidifier.


  1. Humidifiers can certainly help us ladies to achieve a smooth healthy skin, and I think having one is a must for your beauty regimen. But aside from providing much needed moisture in the air, humidifiers also purify the polluted air and replace it with a fresh clean air.
    [Naoki Dieter]

  2. This is the most adorable humidifier ever! I've always searched for one for my allergies and dry skin and never any luck with something that looked remotely decent. Nice find!


  3. Most ladies I know also use an ultrasonic humidifier. Aside from it being great for our skin, it’s a lot quieter and cheaper to run compared to a steam or an evaporative humidifier. Likewise, it doesn’t require a filter, so you don’t need to spend cash for a replacement filter.

    Brooke Harris


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