Thursday, September 13, 2012

working 9 to 5

I work with some of the best people. I am not saying that because some of them know this lil’ url to this site, but because it’s true. Although, I’ve never had a job where I so comfortably divulged, “Just google The Design Apprentice”. I used to feel like I was 13 and hiding my journal. My inner most thoughts were so private to those that knew me, but to the interweb, there was a form of anonymity. I’ve never publicly posted my blog on facebook and it’s because those of you who read this want to read this. I wasn’t the cool girl in high school, and it built my character, but I don’t want to have people who don’t care about what I have to say having this link at their disposal. My goal is to one day just not care.

So one of my favorite coworkers is leaving tomorrow. She’s making a career shift to a new company and I iz so sadz.

Good news: We’ll still be in the same building on the same floor.

Bad news: She wont sit behind me anymore.


P.S. How pretty is she? I digress..

B and I are both planning our weddings at the same time and to say we’ve been able to throw ideas at each other is an understatement. I’ll often receive phone calls from Bob after work, asking when I’ll be home. This little lady and I have been known to talk for an hour and hey- time flies when you’re havin’ fun. She’s become my partner in crime since I’ve been at my new job and I’m so thrilled that even though we won’t be coworkers anymore, we’ll still be friends and be able to go over all of the things that make this world turn.

The Global Wedding Industry at a Glance


If you see my lovely little scribble in blue, that’s to K. She and I are jetting off to Austin, TX next week for a work related conference. We’re going with two of the fellas on our team and will be sharing a suite at a hotel. To say I am excited would be a severe understatement. I haven’t taken a work related trip since my last tech job.. to Albuquerque. Albuquerque was my territory at my last position so I feel like I know that city like I do my college campus.

Austin, Texas

Anyway, back to Austin. I’ve never been there. I love the country song, and have heard great things about the city but that about covers it. I’ve not had a girl roomie Shelby not included for over a year and a half so I’m so excited for some time with K. This girl comes packing some great make up and some fantabulous pranks, so I think our off time will be fully loaded.

Have any of you been to Austin? Any must sees? Help a girl out. I’ve been to Houston once, in 2003 with my church youth group so to say I have no idea what Austin has to offer would be puttin’ it rather mildly. I’ll tell you this much, I can’t wait to practice this:

To reiterate… 

The bigger the hair, the closer to God

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