Thursday, October 18, 2012

Engagement sneak peak

Hey All!

I’ve been doing a lot of regrouping lately, trying to figure out what direction I want to take this little piece of the interweb.

I hope you don’t feel I’ve fallen entirely off the face of the earth. I’ve been so busy, and I wonder how women with children are able to stay afloat! Renovating a home, keep that home clean amidst renovations, working full time, and planning a wedding have been- well tiring!

What’s funny is that blogging used to be my favorite escape, a way to show my creative side in small doses. I need to get back to that, so I can loveee to blog again.

This past weekend we went and had our engagement photos taken by the lovely Elle Rose Photo. She just had her entire website redone, and it is truly beautiful.

I went on my favorite site etsy and found these balloons by StudioMucci to add to our photos. I love how whimsical and large they are. Shipping time was crazy fast, too!

Laurie, of Elle Rose, took this quick photo on her phone to show us as a bit of a teaser. In a couple weeks she’ll have all of the photos to me, and I can’t wait to share those goodies with you!

She added two more of our photos to facebook to tide us over and I think they turned out great!

Can you believe that this was taken at B’s grandpa’s barn? B’s grandpa loves to give tours of his home and Laurie was more than willing to be his latest guest. She took a tour and topped it off by taking a photo of us with his grandpa.


This shot is actually where we had our very first date 8 years ago. We sat in that very spot and got to know each other. It seemed only fitting to go back for our engagement photos.

I literally poured over pinterest and google images to try to find inspiration for my photos. I wanted to wear items that were statement pieces but classic all rolled into one. Here’s how I pieced together my looks…


1. H&M Dress. No longer available online, purchased in store. 2. Pink knit scar. Similar to Marchbrae.3. Gold feather dipped earrings similar to PurrdyInPinkDesign on etsy.  4. Leather riding boots similar to Enzo Angiolini. 5. Oatmeal tights from H&M.



1. Sequin tank similar at REISS. 2. Gold feather dipped earrings similar to PurrdyInPinkDesign on etsy. 3. 1969 midrise skinny jeans from GAP. 4. Essential satin back blazer from Forever 21. 5.  Leather riding boots similar to Enzo Angiolini.

What you wear in your photos really sets the mood for what you’re trying to showcase. It’s a great way to hint at what our wedding will be like, which is why I chose light pink staples for a soft romantic look. It’s also one of our colors, along with sage green, which was captured in one of the balloons we purchased.

Did you do anything for your photos that alluded to your wedding? Or do you have any ideas for how you want to capture your wedding elements in your engagement photos?


  1. These photos are so sweet! I LOVED the ice cream shot...and then to read the special significance behind that scene. Awe...PERFECT! My fav!

    I bet you are getting so excited. Do you have a date set?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet words.


  2. p.s. Those balloons are A M A Z I N G !!!


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