Friday, October 3, 2014

radio silent

I bet most of you thought that you  would not be hearing from me ever again. In all fairness, it has been a crazy long time since I've blogged. The last you heard from me I was planning my wedding and remodeling the house Bob's Dad grew up in. And then I kind of just went radio silent.

I obviously can't picture filling you in with everything that has happened since I've been gone but I'll try to give a brief synopsis. Bob and I got married in May of 2013 and it was even more than we could have imagined it to be. Our wedding was something that I loved designing and implementing.
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  I was so in my element, and received such amazing feedback that I thought I ought to do it for a living. I then decided to start a wedding planning business and spent many hours launching that brand, all while working full time. I was working in a 9-5 that I did not like and wedding planning seemed like it would be able to be an outlet.  And then I  was blessed enough to find a new role with an amazing social media company.
I wanted to be able to try my hand at wedding planning, but I also wanted to give my new role within my new company the dedication it needed. Dedicating so much of myself to my marriage is of course my first priority, and I love working to make a home for us so I decided to put wedding planning on the back burner. I did end up doing day of design and set up for one of our cousins, and that was a wonderful taste of wedding planning. I’ve been asked by several friends since if I’d be their planner, but have offered to just help as a friend instead.
So what’s been in our most recent cards? After spending over two years living in and working to update Bob’s Grandmother’s old home we were able to save money and pay down debt so that we can buy our own home. We’re currently in the process of purchasing a foreclosure home closer to where we grew up. I really can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to feel like I’m moving back to where it feels like home.
I’d imagine that most people would identify a foreclosure as synonymous with fixer upper, and that my friends is what we are about to sink our proverbial teeth into. If you follow my pinterest, I apologize if my updating an old suburban home board has been blowing up your feed, but I’ve been a planning machine. As in, I know exactly how I want 90% of this place to look in the long run. I’m sure I’ll be sharing my rudimentary photo shop boards and ideas with you as well as projects once we’re able to get our hands dirty. 

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